Image upload

Firstly, we need you to take photos of the property, then upload them so we can give an accurate valuation.

The images we need are as follows:

  • Front of the property
  • Rear of the property
  • View from the street
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Main living room

You can also upload any additional photos to show more of the property, such as:

  • Bedrooms
  • Garden
  • Garage
  • Outbuildings

Once you have all your photos ready, you'll need to upload them to WeTransfer.

Don't worry, uploading images to WeTransfer is really quick and easy. There are only four simple steps and we've explained them below.

When you arrive at the WeTransfer page, you'll need to agree to the Terms of Service and the Cookie policy first. Then look for the small window on the left-hand side as illustrated below. This is where you upload your photos.

Step 1


Change the upload to "Get a link" if the window displays "email" by clicking the blue circle with the three dots in the bottom left.

Step 2


Click the blue plus button and add your images, or you can drag and drop your images into this area.

Step 3


Click the blue "Get a link" button and wait for your images to upload

Step 3


Click the blue “Copy link” button, come back to this page, paste it into the field below and click the next button.

Clicking the button below will open WeTransfer in another window.
Once your images have been uploaded, click the blue "Copy link" button (as shown above) to receive the image download link which, when you return to this page, you will need paste into the field below.

Upload your photos


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