Gateway is one of the UK's leading valuation panel managers, providing coverage throughout the UK's postcode areas. Established in 2005, we have our own in-house valuer workforce, in addition to working with panel firms, thus allowing us access to over 1500 individual valuers.

As a business, Gateway provides valuation services to all of the ‘high street’ lenders, plus the wider building society and equity release sectors.  We pride ourselves on customer service across our brand, from our team who arrange the appointment, to the surveyor carrying out the inspection, taking into consideration the individual needs of each customer.

Our fully accredited ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, combined with our investment in cutting edge technology enables Gateway's experienced panel management team to deliver consistently reliable and fully auditable case and capacity management.

We proactively engage with lender clients to ensure that their suite of valuation report templates mirror lending policy and reflect any changes occurring across the wider lending community including any statutory changes. Our expertise in valuation report design is reflected by the reports being used by a number of building society lenders for whom we panel manage. We work as a partnership to mitigate exposure to valuation related issues, including fraud.

We are only too aware of the competitive environment that lenders operate within and the challenges to deliver a seamless customer experience of high quality. The panel manager and valuer play key roles in the lending process. We ensure that all valuation requirements are proactively managed and delivered in a timely manner. Service level requirements are clearly an integral part of the lending process; service is not just about speed of delivery. Just as important, (if not more so) is for the valuers to provide compliant and unambiguous reports and professional valuation advice that is robust and can be fully relied upon. Our performance management and delivery is consistently achieved via the combination of externally accredited ISO quality management processes and procedures - a compelling collaboration that delivers fully auditable performance management. Service level performance management is applied in equal measure to both in-house valuers and to our panel firms.

The customer is at the heart of everything we do. We seek to be characterised by our passion, integrity, and innovation. We like to challenge and improve on the service we provide to our lender clients, whilst minimising risk.

Working in Partnership

Provide a first-class valuation panel management service, with total integrity and transparency in all aspects of our services

Deliver on service with real time MI

Improve quality by reducing the number of PVQ's raised

Bestow technical advice to develop lending policies and valuers guidance notes

Supply proactive partnering solutions to mitigate exposure to valuation related issues, including fraud.

The Society’s relationship with Gateway has developed over a number of years and works extremely well. Gateway’s management of our valuation process is thoroughly professional and provides the added value of technical guidance and support on a wide range of property related matters that enables our mortgage processing to proceed very smoothly indeed. Gateway’s “can do” attitude and innovative solutions are widely appreciated by colleagues throughout the Society.

Steve Robinson, Head of Lending, Marsden Building Society

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