Our Panel Management Services

Gateway's pledge to its clients is that it will:

  • Deliver a first-class valuation panel management service.
  • Provide proactive partnering solutions to mitigate exposure to valuation related issues, including fraud in the current higher risk environment.
  • Provide a flexible support team to manage all stages of the valuation process including post valuation queries, technical issues and complaints.
  • Provide real time management information.
  • Provide high-level management support at all times and proactive input into developing lending policies and guidance to valuers.
  • Facilitate the provision of fully automatic links with mortgage processing systems at zero cost.
  • Provide training and support to client's staff in respect of all valuations related issues.
  • Implement a zero-cost transition from a client's existing supplier with no downtime.
  • Commit to a service pricing structure that will not be increased (except for any increase in VAT) for the duration of the contract.
  • Commit to total integrity and transparency in all aspects of its service to its clients and their customers.

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