Product overview Which is the right report for me?

There are essentially four standard report forms, all of which are prepared by FRICS or MRICS qualified surveyors on your behalf. The table below is designed to give some guidance as to which might be the most appropriate one for your requirements. If you have any doubt whatsoever please do not hesitate to call our office on 01332 693100 for further information and guidance.

  Valuation RICS Condition Report RICS HomeBuyers Report RICS Building Survey
Includes Market Valuation        
Is prepared for me        
Is prepared for the Bank or Building Society        
Provides guidance on the need for minor repairs        
Highlights items requiring urgent repair        
Might help me to negotiate with the sellers        
Includes photographs from the inspection        
Always involves an internal inspection of the property        
Detailed report on the property construction        
Includes figures for insurance (re-instatement cost)        
Provides useful information to your solicitor for the conveyancing process        
Can be discussed with the surveyor after the inspection        

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