Choosing the right report. A Mortgage Valuation is not a survey

If you are buying a property with the help of a mortgage, you may receive copy of a valuation report prepared for your Bank or Building Society. This is not a survey. It is, at the most, a valuation prepared for the Lender based on a very limited inspection of the property, designed only to let the Lender know that it is reasonably safe to lend you the money. There is no client or contractual relationship between you and the surveyor who prepares the report. At worst, and on an increasing basis, the valuation will be prepared on a desktop or drive-by basis or even by computer, and will not include a proper physical inspection of the property you are buying.

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Product overview Which is the right report for me?

There are essentially two reports that we offer if you are buying a property. The table below is designed to provide some guidance as to which might be the most suitable for you to choose. If in doubt, please communicate with our Sales Team 01293 820233 or

  Homebuyer Report Full Building Survey
Confidential report for the buyer as the client    
Qualified RICS Surveyor used    
Valuation and insurance figure provided * Additional charge * Additional charge
Detailed inspection of condition    
Detailed analysis of the causes of faults    
Advice on actions that need to take both before and after purchase    
A full set of photographs of the faults    
Suitable for condition of standard properties    
Suitable for older and more complicated properties    
  • A mortgage valuation is not a survey and is not a report prepared for you as the client. It may not even include a physical inspection of the property.
  • A Specific Defects report is not recommended if you are buying a property.

Philip Hayles was the surveyor and was friendly and courteous when getting a quotation.  The survey was booked in quickly and the report was received a day after inspection.