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Sell your home pre-surveyed! Seller Survey

This is a report commissioned by the Seller which is fully re-assignable to the eventual Buyer

There are lots of advantages for everyone. Firstly you as the Seller will know the exact condition of the property and your Agent will be able to reflect this in the asking price.

The Buyer will also know the true condition of the property before making an offer and will have the confidence of knowing that it has the Gateway ‘pre-surveyed’ stamp.

If you are the Seller, the prospect of a sale falling through or a last minute renegotiation due to a negative survey is much reduced. This will protect all parties from potential abortive costs.

The report is fully re-assigned to the named Buyer following exchange of contracts. We will accept responsibility to the Buyer in exactly the same way as we would if they had commissioned a conventional survey themselves.

Agent, Seller, or Buyer, why not give us a call and we will happily talk you through it!

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Specific Defect Report

This is mainly a report for existing Homeowners although, in some circumstances, it can be prepared for a Buyer. We will provide you with a detailed analysis, usually in letter format, of the specific structural problem or concern that we have been asked to investigate.

If you would like advice or if you have concern about a defect in your property, please don’t delay. Contact us now and speak with one of our experienced Sales Team on 01293 820233.

Need a professional property valuation?

Independent Valuation

There are many reasons why you may require an independent valuation. You may simply want to know the true value of your home, alternatively you may want to check the price of a property you are buying.

Gateway is very well qualified and experienced to provide these services as well as offering more formal valuations for the following purposes:

Help to Buy Valuations

You may have been asked to provide a valuation report. This will need to be completed by an RICS qualified Surveyor.

Shared Ownership Staircasing Valuations

This is when you want to buy further shares in your shared ownership property, either bought new, as a resale, or via Social Homebuy.

Capital Gains Tax

CGT is payable when you sell a property that is not your principal home. CGT is calculated by applying two valuations – one at the time of purchase, the other at the time of sale.

Probate/Inheritance Tax

This type of valuation is often required where the estate of a deceased is taxable and therefore a valuation of the deceased’s estate is needed to assess potential Inheritance Tax liability.

Matrimonial/Division of Equity

When a long term relationship comes to an end there are often complex financial issues to resolve. This may include the property you shared with your partner or there may be other property assets. To protect the interests of both partners, it is advisable to obtain an independent assessment of these assets to ensure you both know their correct market value.

Portfolio Valuations

A report that determines the total value of holdings within a property portfolio.

Asset/Book Valuations

Gateway are pleased to offer this service, having valued several complex portfolios (up to 850 properties) on behalf of larger corporate clients including pension funds and lending institutions.

Lease Extension/Freehold Valuation

The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended) entitles a Leaseholder to purchase an extension of up to 90 years to their existing lease term at a £nil ground rent, or for a group of Leaseholders to collectively buy the freehold of their building. Gateway can help.

Both processes start with a Notice being served by a Leaseholder’s solicitor on the Freeholder which includes a monetary offer for either a Lease Extension or to buy the Freehold. If the Freeholder does not agree the offer, a Counter Notice is served stating the amount required. This has to be served prior to a date specified in the Leaseholder’s Notice. Timescales are then in place for an agreement to be reached. If there is no agreement, either party can refer the matter to the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) for determination.

In most circumstances, a Lessee who has been the registered owner of a property for 2 years has the statutory right to extend their lease.  There is no 2 year qualification to buy the freehold, but over half of the Leaseholders in the building must participate in the purchase. The building must also contain at least 2 flats. There are further rules if the building includes commercial use, or if the Freeholder lives in the building and it was originally converted by them.

Gateway can provide valuation advice and undertake negotiations for either Leaseholders or Freeholders, and represent parties as Tribunal should matters not be agreed. We can also provide expert witness reports in relation to absentee landlords.

The processes of lease extension or freehold purchase can be quite daunting. We are happy therefore to give an initial free consultation over the telephone regarding the process and how we can help you.

I’m carrying out works to my property and need Party Wall advice

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls, and excavations.

A building owner proposing to start work covered by the Act must give adjoining owners notice of their intentions in the way set down in the Act. The period of notice is normally one or two months depending on the work to be undertaken. Adjoining owners can agree or disagree with what is proposed. Where there is disagreement, the Act provides a mechanism for resolving disputes.

For building owners it is important to take party wall advice at an early stage, and well in advance of appointing a contractor to carry out building works covered by the Act.

The Act is separate from obtaining planning permission or building regulations approval. In our experience, it is often the forgotten area of building works.

We are able to act for building owners or adjoining owners to where the work is to take place. We are also able to act jointly for both owners where the proposed works are more straightforward.

We are happy to discuss your individual circumstances over the telephone and how we will be able to assist.

Working with Estate Agents

We receive a significant number of survey and valuation referrals as recommendations from local estate agents up and down the country.

We believe this is because they know that our plain English style of reporting will give a balanced and accurate representation of property, perhaps one they are selling although we also do a lot of work for Sellers moving into new areas.

These recommendations are mainly for Buyer Surveys, Building Surveys and Seller Surveys, but are also for the professional valuations required for Probate, Capital Gains Tax, Leasehold Extension & Freehold Purchase, Inheritance Tax, or valuation of property assets related to Divorce.

So, if you’re an Estate Agent with customers seeking professional survey and valuation services, why not give us a call and discover how we can help you?

Working with Solicitors

We receive many survey and valuation referrals as recommendations from solicitors.

We believe this is because they know that their clients will receive a helpful and thoroughly professional service from highly experienced RICS qualified qualified surveyors.

Their recommendations cover the full range of our services including Buyer and Seller Surveys, and valuations for Probate, Capital Gains Tax, Leasehold Extension & Freehold Purchase, Inheritance Tax, or assessment of property assets related to Divorce.

So, if you’re a Solicitor with clients seeking professional survey and valuation services, we hope you will make contact, and discover how we can help you?

Thank you for sending the report through and I’d like to say that we were extremely impressed by the entire service we received. The survey was thoroughly detailed and extremely well presented. Very easy to read and ascertain the details we needed to address with our purchase.  I did speak to Tim our surveyor over a couple of issues that he had raised and he was so helpful and generous with his time and explanation of queries that we had.   We would certainly recommend you to anyone and will definitely use your services again in the future if we need to.